Heads of IT Special Interest Group

Angus Murray, TAQA

Vice Chair
James Grant, Spirit Energy

Data and Digital

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TOR Heads of IT Forum

About this group

The Heads of IT Forum provides a leadership role for industry for the digital agenda, promoting the development of digital skills, and developing and sharing best practice across the sector. The Forum also works to identify areas for cross-industry collaboration and supports the Technology Leadership Board, the OGA, and OEUK in advising and developing industry digital priorities, in support of MER UK.

Membership of the group is open to non-members of OEUK but is restricted the Heads of IT (or Regional IT Managers for multinational organisations) of operators and tier-one oil and gas supply chain partners working in the oil and gas sector. It is not open to suppliers of IT products or services. Please contact the group administrator for more information.


The forum is an active body through which representatives from the UK upstream offshore oil and gas sector’s operators and supply chain partners:

  1. Provide a leadership role within the industry for a digital agenda
  2. Promote digital skills development in the industry
  3. Develop and share best practice across the industry
  4. Identify opportunities to collaborate to support MER
  5. Act as SMEs for the industry to advise on and enable digital initiatives
  6. Review new technology and initiate Joint Industry Projects to develop technology and innovate
  7. Provide a vehicle for the OGA and OEUK to engage directly with the Digital leaders within each organisation working in the UKCS
  8. Provide support, guidance and an active group to aid the Technology Leadership Board in their agenda in support of MER
  9. Promote the involvement of, and the value-added by their IT teams within the industry
  10. Act as owners of specific industry-led digital workgroups (e.g. ageing digital infrastructure)


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