Information and Samples Co-ordinators’ Special Interest Group

Daniel Brown, OEUK

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About this group

Section 35 of the Energy Act 2016 requires ‘Relevant Persons’ to appoint an individual to act as an Information and Samples Coordinator (“ISC”), responsible for monitoring that organisation’s compliance with its obligations under Chapter 3 of the Act. For the sake of convenience, the ISC may also be directly or indirectly responsible for their organisation’s compliance with similar obligations under the Model Clauses attached to their current and past Petroleum Licences, as described in the PON9 Guidance document.

Available to: Participation of this forum is not restricted to members of OEUK. Please get in contact with the group administrator for more information.

Group objectives

The purpose of the ISC SIG is to provide an active body through which ISCs can have constructive dialogue with their peers, with the OGA and others, to:

  1. Develop and share good practice around the provisions of Chapter 3 of the Energy Act 2016 and the equivalent provisions of the Model Clauses applicable under the Petroleum Act 1998 (for convenience hereafter referred to as “the Regulations”), including inter alia:
    – Retention of Information and Samples
    – Reporting of Information and Samples
    – Disclosure of Information and Samples
    – Information and Samples Plans
    – Appointment of ISCs
  2. Support the OGA and CDA/OEUK in improving, simplifying and amending Guidance related to the all regulations pertaining to the management of Information and samples;
  3. Support compliance with the regulations through the development and adoption of relevant standards and best practices;
  4. Challenge the OGA to amend information and samples’ legislation and regulations as necessary;
  5. Identify collaborative measures that could be taken by ISCs to improve the efficiency and performance of compliance activities;
  6. Specify standard contract terms for the form and manner of information and samples delivered by contractors (seismic data media and formats and samples packaging for example);
  7. Advocacy of the role and value of the ISC SIG; and
  8. Internal and external training and communications for information and samples management and compliance.


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