Information Management Forum

Daniel Brown, OEUK

Vice Chair
Katy Heidenreich, OEUK

Data and Digital

About this group

Effective information management (‘IM’) has been demonstrated to deliver substantial business value in the oil and gas industry and in many other sectors. The contribution made by IM is significantly enhanced by practitioners working together, learning from each other to build common standards, best practices, to share knowledge, promote professionalism and to develop joint initiatives in non-competitive areas.

The forum will combine the subsurface-focused interests of the now retired CDA Council, and the previously active IM Energy Forum which focused on engineering documentation and related surface information.

Available to: OEUK Operator and Contractor member companies.


The scope of the IM Forum will include the management of all data, documents and other forms of information across the entire E&P life cycle. Although it will focus on digital information, the scope of the forum will also consider information in physical form, where relevant to its activities.


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