The Pandemic Steering Group (PSG)

Trevor Stapleton, OEUK

Vice Chair
Katherine Meffin, OEUK

Incident Management

Supporting Documents
Pandemic Steering Group Organogram

About this group

The Pandemic Steering Group (PSG) has been formed to represent OEUK member companies to ensure effective and coherent responses to COVID-19. The PSG has formalised sub-groups of subject matter experts to conduct specific workstreams under its direction and OEUK is monitoring developments in each subject area and coordinating member discussions as appropriate.


Represent OEUK member companies to ensure effective and coherent response in order to:

  1. Care for the welfare of people
  2. Ensure security of supply
  3. Demonstrate industry is responding
  4. Monitor situation
  5. Provide a focal point for planning activity
  6. Identify issues and actions
  7. Communicate with industry and other stakeholders


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