Reserves Progression

Tony McGarva, Chevron

Vice Chair
Katy Heidenreich, OEUK


The UKCS expected Recovery Factor has remained unchanged for over 10 years. The level of decline in UKCS reserves base is high and in the field determined areas there is a contingent resource base of 2.1 B boe, according to industry. The OGA has challenged industry to improve recovery factor and access the contingent resource base. The Reserves Progression Initiative was set up in 2018 to help industry unlock this potential. The group reports directly to the Asset Stewardship Task Force.

Available to: Reservoir management experts from OEUK operator member companies.


  1. Define an appropriate, visionary UK-wide target for reserves progression.
  2. Validate the critical factors influencing recovery factor, focussing on full system potential chokes and opportunities – Critical Factors Matrix
  3. Prioritise the top industry-wide reserves progression opportunities and determine to what extent these are being pursued by existing task groups or other industry initiatives.
  4. For each of the prioritised categories either; provide input to existing task groups or other industry initiatives to optimise their work, or establish new working groups to deliver tools and best practice to progress opportunities
  5. Create a self-assessment verification tool to allow operators to identify gaps
  6. Consider a suitable active monitoring approach that integrates with the OGA’s tiered stewardship review


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