Supply Chain Forum

Operator Chair: Elaine McLean, Chrysaor // Contractor Chair: Steve Kilner, Halliburton

Vice Chair
Operator Vice Chair: Position currently ‘open’ // Contractor Vice Chair: Ann Johnson, Blaze Manufacturing Solutions

Supply Chain

About this forum

The purpose of the Supply Chain Forum is to provide an active body through which representatives from the UK upstream offshore oil and gas sector’s operators, suppliers and contractors can have constructive and meaningful dialogue on issues effecting the industry.

Available to

All OEUK Operator and Contractor member companies.

Forum objectives

  1. Supply chain development and its strategic role in continual business improvement from the perspective of both the client and contractor/supplier;
  2. Development and publication of best practices, model documentation and guidance templates for use by the industry;
  3. Application and experience of these best practice supply chain management tools and techniques, to implement lessons learnt, so that individual organisations can realise their full potential and supply chain total costs can be minimised
  4. Understanding and mitigating risk and the appropriate allocation of risk within the supply chain;
  5. Driving cost and waste out of the total supply chain, whilst ensuring business continuity for contractors/suppliers and maintaining service to clients;
  6. Health, safety and environmental issues in the context of supply chain delivery.
  7. Development of supply chain skills, awareness and behaviours across industry organisations through education, training and information sharing.


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