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  • Legal Issues Forum
    The purpose of the Forum is to provide a formal and active body where representatives can have constructive discussions and undertake relevant action on industry-wide legal issues such as; international arbitration, competition law, environmental and safety law and regulations, that impact contractors, operators and other licence holders.
  • Legal Issues Forum – LOGIC Standard Contracts Task Finish Group (TFG)
    This LOGIC Standard Contracts Task Finish Group was established in 2012 and reports to the Legal Issues Forum (LIF). The remit of the Work Group is to review, analyse and discuss recommendations on amendments to LOGIC’s Standard Contracts and, as and when requested by the LIF, the development of new Standard Contracts.
  • OEUK Advisory Councils
    OEUK’s Operator, Contractor, and Joint advisory councils provide a space for member companies to discuss operational and tactical issues and to voice their individual perspectives, helping to direct the focus of OEUK and the industry on the issues that matter to our members.