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Industry body welcomes guidance on emissions reduction

22 June 2021

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has today issued consolidated guidance on flaring and venting, which sets out a tougher approach to driving reductions.

Commenting on the guidance, OGUK Sustainability Director Mike Tholen said:

“The OGA’s update to flaring and venting requirements shows welcome ambition in this COP26 year and is one we share.

“This, alongside our coming Methane Action Plan, will be a key catalyst for accelerating the drive to sustainability, and shows how our changing sector is committed to its transformation.

“Oil and gas will continue to be needed for decades to come and must be produced and used with less impact on the environment – that is why we are working with government, industry, and our regulator through the North Sea Transition Deal to make our operations healthier and greener.”


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