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Industry demonstrates cost leadership in developing first offshore decommissioning standard contract

18 December 2018


Oil & Gas UK’s subsidiary LOGIC (Leading Oil & Gas Industry Competitiveness), publishes a new standard contract today (18 December) aimed at helping companies committed to delivering offshore decommissioning excellence. The standardisation of legal contracts, spearheaded by LOGIC in partnership with industry, improves the efficiency of drafting, executing and negotiating commercial agreements.

The not-for-profit organisation, which next year marks its 20th anniversary, continues to play a key role in helping companies improve competitiveness by simplifying transactional processes in the offshore oil and gas industry. More than 24,000 downloads of LOGIC’s suite of Standard Contracts have been recorded globally since April 2014.

Commenting, Graham Elgie, Managing Director of LOGIC said:

“This model contract developed by Oil & Gas UK’s Legal Issues Forum provides companies and their contractors with a framework for working towards commercial agreements in a timely, co-operative and effective manner. This couldn’t have been achieved without the support and expertise provided by industry, particularly the members on our Decommissioning Task Finish Group.

“Parties using this new model contract can reduce bidding costs, eliminate duplication of effort and streamline business processes enabling the UK to build on our growing reputation for effective cost leadership in decommissioning.”

The general conditions of contract for offshore decommissioning covers complete decommissioning of infrastructure, from cessation of production to delivery of structures to shore. It is available from the LOGIC website

In addition to the General Conditions of Contract for Offshore Decommissioning, LOGIC’s other Standard Contracts comprise:

  1. Construction Edition 2
  2. Design Edition 2
  3. Marine Construction Edition 2
  4. Mobile Drilling Rigs Edition 1
  5. Purchase of Goods Edition 3
  6. Services (On- and Offshore) Edition 3
  7. SME Services Edition 1
  8. Subcontract for SME Services Edition 1
  9. Supply of Major Items of Plant and Equipment Edition 3
  10. Well Services Edition 2


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