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Major new report sets baseline to push greater progress in digitalisation

1 September 2020

Findings from the first survey of digitalisation in the oil and gas industry reveal there’s a strong appetite to ensure technology is matured to improve the sector’s connectivity, efficiency and sustainability but highlight the need to promote collaborative working if these transformational changes are to become a reality.

With support from Deloitte, the UKCS Data and Digital Maturity Survey was launched in June 2020 by OGUK, the leading representative body for the UK offshore oil and gas industry, in partnership with the Technology Leadership Board (TLB), the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), and Opportunity North East (ONE) to assess the maturity of digitalisation across the sector.

Compiled with input from a cross section of more than 70 organisations and almost 40 individuals, full details of the report will be shared at a free webinar chaired by Dr Dan Brown, Executive Director of OGUK subsidiary Common Data Access (CDA) together with CDA Delivery Manager Sakthi Norton on 1 September. Key speakers at the event will include:
• Mikki Corcoran, Co-Chair TLB
• Alex Macdonald, Digital Transformation Project Manager, OGTC
• Jared Owen, Director of Digital and Entrepreneurship, Opportunity North East (ONE)

Following the presentations, John Seabourn, Chief Digital Officer, OGA and Guri Neote Director of Deloitte Consulting’s Digital Capital Projects team will join the speakers in an interactive panel session.

Deirdre Michie, OBE OGUK Chief Executive, said:
“This timely report provides industry with an invaluable baseline for developing the strategies we need to realise the huge potential for digitalisation, enabling our industry to become more connected, efficient and sustainable in the process. Digitalisation is as much about culture as technology and the report highlights the importance of businesses working together to share ideas, challenge themselves and combine expertise to deliver the transformational change we need to spur our sector’s recovery and support an accelerated transition to net zero.”

Sir Ian Wood, KT GBE, Chair ONE, said,
“The report provides critical insight at a time when businesses of all sizes are having to adapt to major market and customer changes. While the industry is strong in the technical aspects of digital, it lacks the innovation mindset and culture to be decisive in digital transformation in relation to its peers. It is encouraging to see a strong desire for collaboration but it’s still not strong enough and we need to pick up the pace in this area if we are to fast-track progress. It’s imperative that we use the findings to collectively tailor action and catalyse a more digitally focused industry.”

Colette Cohen OBE, CEO of the Oil & Gas Technology Centre said:
“Digitalisation provides opportunities for increased efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and improved safety, which are crucial in the transition to a net zero future. This report shows that industry collaboration is the enabler, with the true potential of data being unlocked through a shared approach to industry challenges.”

Mikki Corcoran, Co-Chair TLB, Schlumberger, said
“Genuine digital transformation is fundamental to remaining a strategic energy supplier to the U.K. in a net zero world. Today we have the technology we need; leadership and vision are required to make this a reality on the UKCS.”

Graham Hollis, Office Senior Partner for Deloitte in Aberdeen added: “This report provides timely insight into the topics that matter most to businesses of all sizes operating across the UK’s oil and gas sector. It is promising to see the progress industry has made to date in its digital journey, however it is clear there remains many challenges that need to be overcome for industry to truly maximise the opportunity provided by digitalisation.”

The detailed survey report and summary slides can be found at the OGUK website


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