Mutual Recognition

Mutual Recognition of Safety and Emergency Response Training

Framework for Mutual Recognition of Basic and Specialist Safety and Emergency Response Training in the North Sea

The offshore oil and gas industry in the UK, Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark maintain an agreement on basic and specialist safety and emergency response training that is valid across national borders.

The agreement is based on the mutual principle of safety and emergency preparedness training in each of the signatory countries being recognised in the other North Sea countries. Standards in each country have been reviewed to ensure that the national standards for each sector are maintained, and where additional elements (such as Cat-A EBS or escape chute training) are required, these elements are indicated on the matrix.

The most recent memorandum of agreement, signed on behalf of industry by Oil & Gas UK, Norwegian Oil and Gas, Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA) and Oil Gas Denmark can be found here.

The basic safety training mutual recognition matrix can be found here

The agreement also covers specialist safety and emergency response training which is mutually recognised. Details of those training courses can be found here.

Approved Training Providers

Like the UK, Denmark uses OPITO to approve training providers:


Approved training providers for Norwegian and Dutch equivalent qualifications can be found on the relevant national industry association websites.

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