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Uncategorized_Archive20th Sep 2018

New: Common Data Access Limited – Geoscience data sharing saves £millions

Problem Statement  

Geoscience data is complex to manage, and huge in volume. Industry practice in sharing this data was massively inefficient, expensive, and insecure.


Enable geoscience information to be shared between UKCS Licence partners quickly, securely, and inexpensively.


CDA established UKOilandGasData, an internet-based platform to which technical well and seismic information could be loaded, securely shared with partners and the regulator, and transferred between companies following M&A activity.


Eliminated cost through secure, centralised storage, preservation, and sharing of critical geoscience information

Eliminated regulatory burden through automatic compliance with data reporting regulations

Eliminated data breach risk by avoiding manual distribution of confidential data to Partners

Enabled secure, discrete access to released geoscience data in support of M&A activity

Simplified and speeded up secure transfer of technical data after asset sales

Facilitated the preservation and curation of industry-critical data for generations to come

Total Savings Anticipated