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OEUK challenges all General Election candidates to back our sector and our people for a homegrown energy transition

30 May 2024

As the UK Parliament is dissolved and campaigns enter their second full week, leading trade body Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) has challenged every candidate standing in the 4 July General Election to back UK-based energy firms and their workers. OEUK represents over 400 companies, their supply chains and their people working across oil and gas, wind, hydrogen and carbon capture technology.

OEUK’s industry manifesto, “Unleash our Potential. Power our Future” calls on all candidates to choose a homegrown energy transition. It asks them to engage with and back offshore energy firms and their workers across the UK ahead of launching party manifestos.

Stable, long-term policies that enable fair returns are critical to ensure UK firms and their people can compete in the global race for energy investment. OEUK says over £200 billion can be unlocked and ploughed into our energy future this decade, but only if firms, skilled people and capital stay here in the UK.

OEUK has consistently said that a successful energy transition is one delivered with people and communities, not done to people and communities.

OEUK CEO David Whitehouse comments:

“The UK’s offshore energy industry employs people in almost every parliamentary constituency, from Shetland to Southampton. As candidates hit the campaign trail, we challenge them to back this sector and its workers so we can have a homegrown energy transition.

“Our manifesto calls for a homegrown energy transition that protects UK jobs, communities and our energy security whilst spurring economic growth. On this journey we must choose to build on our existing industrial strengths and put our skilled people and companies front and centre.

“We need both oil and gas and renewables in an integrated system to protect the UK’s energy needs. As we ramp up renewable energy, we will still be reliant on oil and gas for decades to come, so it makes sense to prioritise homegrown production. There will be no prizes for simply importing our energy and exporting our jobs.

“The decarbonisation of our economy is one of the greatest challenges of our time, but is also a huge opportunity. Candidates at this election have an obligation to engage with industry on how we will plan and finance our energy future. Our sector and our people must be at the centre of that discussion.

“At this crucial time, we must choose a homegrown energy transition that supports jobs, delivers economic value and energy security, while addressing our climate goals.”


Notes to editors:

  1. Issued by Tim Warnes, Head of Communications. Contact: [email protected] / 07623 514835.
  2. We are proud to make a huge contribution. Oil and gas production alone added over £20 billion to the UK economy in 2022/2023. The offshore energy industry provides over 200,000 good, skilled jobs across the length and breadth of the UK. We provide secure and reliable energy to millions.
  3. The UK offshore energy sector is essential for the economic and environmental prosperity of our country. Our brilliant, skilled people work tirelessly to produce the energy from off the coast of Britain that powers not just our homes, transport and industry, but the everyday products we need to live well.
  4. By choosing a homegrown energy transition, we can protect skills, secure investment and maximise sustainability. You can download OEUK’s manifesto for free here: www.oeuk.org.uk/manifesto

Offshore Energies UK is the leading trade body for the UK’s offshore energies industry. Its membership includes over 400 organisations with an interest in offshore oil, gas, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and offshore wind. Working together with its members, it is a driving force supporting the UK in ensuring security of energy supply while helping to meet its net zero ambitions.

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