OEUK Fire and Explosion Guidelines - Issue 2

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Guidelines, Health and Safety

Fire and Explosion Guidelines – Issue 2

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This guidance has been sponsored by Oil & Gas UK and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), to provide a source of good practice on designing against fire and explosions on offshore installations. The guidance focuses on setting a philosophy for design and assessment in a realistic and simplified manner.

Fire and explosion management aims to ensure that:
• All fire and explosion hazards have been identified, assessed, and are understood.
• The overall risks from fires and explosions are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP), including the risk from the initiating event and subsequent escalation.
• An appropriate combination of prevention, detection, control and mitigation systems is implemented and maintained throughout the lifecycle of the installation.
• The systems provided to protect personnel from the effects of fires and explosions are suitable for these hazardous events and have performance standards commensurate with the required risk reduction.
• The design, operation and maintenance of the systems will be undertaken by competent staff who understand their responsibilities in the management of the hazards and possible hazardous events.
• Any changes to the installation, which may affect the likelihood or consequences of fires and explosions, are identified, assessed and the systems revised to take the changes into account as necessary.

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