Oil Spill Response Tool Kit

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OEUK’s Oil Spill Response Tool Kit

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The Oil Spill Prevention and Response Advisory Group (OSPRAG) advocated the use of a tiered toolkit for response to oil spill incidents on the UKCS. The toolkit consists of ‘tools’ which are available to operators for different incident scenarios. The relevant elements of the toolkit are included as the response strategies to an incident described in the Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP).

It was agreed by the Oil Spill Response Forum that, as part of the toolkit, a series of written Response Implementation Guides (RIGs) were required for commonly quoted response strategies found in OPEPs. These provide the link between the response strategy described in an OPEP and the operational requirements (including equipment and resources) to implement the chosen strategy.

The RIGs were designed for onshore response personnel and as an addition to the current regulatory requirements. The aims of the Toolkit are to provide support to onshore response personnel in an oil spill incident and aid discussion between the operator and their response contractor on the implementation of an agreed response strategy.

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