Operational Risk Assessment

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Operational Risk Assessment (ORA)

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This OEUK-facilitated document is a vital resource for industries responsible for managing operational risks and major accident hazards, especially those operating under the Safety Case regulations of 2005 and 2015. Primarily aimed at offshore installations, the principles outlined in this document have broader applicability across various sectors dealing with similar risks. The core focus of the guidance is on the rigorous assessment and management of risks associated with impaired safety critical controls—controls that are essential for maintaining safety but have lost some or all of their functionality. It emphasizes the need for robust governance and processes in risk assessment, especially in situations where the performance of safety controls falls below established standards or expected performance levels.

The document provides comprehensive guidance on several key aspects: establishing systems to manage situations where a safety critical control is impaired or temporarily unavailable, ensuring thorough risk assessments to support decisions on the continuance of operations, and identifying additional controls needed during the period of impairment. It also details the importance of maintaining and monitoring the effectiveness of these additional controls.

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