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Proserv, Intelligent Plant sign strategic agreement to drive digital evolution

9 December 2020

Controls technology company Proserv Controls has penned an innovative strategic alliance with Intelligent Plant, an award-winning software engineering firm. The aim of the tie-up is to combine the two firms’ respective expertise in control systems and data analysis to provide operators with digital solutions tailored to their needs.

This would lead to improved visibility of system information, and key metrics, enabling more effective monitoring of core equipment and a sophisticated ability to predict issues and failures. Together the two organisations not only provide cutting-edge control systems, support and data capture, but can also facilitate and supply necessary SME bandwidth and expertise to add context and extract value for clients, leading to state-of-the-art condition monitoring capabilities.

The two firms intend to deliver this model right across the sector and are engaging initially with independent operators who currently struggle to find the internal resources, including bandwidth, to maximise gains from their data. Proserv and Intelligent Plant plan to partner with these firms to develop open, accessible digital solutions that correlate directly to requirements and give much greater visibility of system operations. Read more…


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