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px Group launches new Energy Transition team dedicated to cutting emissions

20 May 2021

Infrastructure operator px Group has launched px Energy Transition, a dedicated team tasked with leading the energy transition for companies across industrial, energy and manufacturing sectors, as well as at Critical National Infrastructure sites. The team will deploy the expertise and infrastructure management heritage of the wider px Group to drive through reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improved energy efficiency for new and existing customers.

px Group, a Duty Holder, is responsible for processing 30% of UK gas and operates high complexity industrial sites throughout the UK, including the St Fergus Gas Terminal, Scotland and Teesside Gas Processing Plant. It also owns Saltend Chemicals Park, Hull, which will soon be home to one of the UK’s first clean Hydrogen plants at the centre of the world-leading Zero Carbon Humber partnership.

px Group recently received significant investment from the Aksiom Services Group, a partnership between The Aksiom Group and Ara Partners, a private equity firm specialising in industrial decarbonisation investments. The announcement of its Energy Transition team is one of the first steps for px Group on its mission to decarbonise the UK and Europe and reflects a further commitment to industrial and energy transition. Read more…

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