Rapid response valve work takes the pressure off

A swift mobilisation and the similarly fast deployment of a field-proven system to resolve a valve issue meant CONSUB helped to realise a multi-million pound saving for an operator.

The Challenge

A 10-inch, class 900 double block and bleed ball valve on Repsol Sinopec’s Piper Bravo offshore platform proved to be difficult to operate when it was closed for maintenance.

It prompted concerns that it would be equally difficult to re-open, and partial operation tests and release efforts confirmed this was the case.

The seized valve was preventing a restart to production, and the resulting downtime scenario could have cost the operator significant profits: once procured, the installation of a new valve would have entailed the shutdown of Piper Bravo and at least two other connected platforms for safe isolation purposes – within an overall timeframe of up to one year.

The Response

Repsol Sinopec issued an emergency response request to CONSUB, which put an immediate plan in place. It involved:

· reviewing client-provided data for the valve

· establishing valve stem damage torque

· designing and manufacturing an adapter to interface tool to valve stem.

CONSUB mobilised specialist personnel and equipment to Aberdeen Heliport within 32 hours. Once its team secured access to the valve, the reopening work was completed within 15 minutes.

No additional isolation was required, and it was possible to perform all work under a general permit to work.

The valve serviceability was subsequently confirmed – which meant that further significant isolation was not required, and the valve could be used again in the future.

The Result

Repsol Sinopec calculated savings at £24million, as a result of:

· no loss of production

· no isolations

· no new valve procurement

· no project management

· no requirement for additional shutdowns

· no knock-on production impact to third parties.

How It Was Done

The C-VRS Valve Release System is a safe, industry-qualified and field-proven technique provided by qualified and experienced personnel.

The service can be applied to a range of scenarios, including:

· emergency call out

· onsite standby service for valves known to be difficult to operate, or for critical valve operations

· maintenance support for cycling of valves known to be difficult to operate

· valve operations in confined spaces

· planned valve release and rehabilitation campaigns where a number of valves are known to be seized on the same site.

The system provides a safe and reliable method to operate a seized valve and delivers significant cost savings to clients by reducing downtime and associated production loss.

‘… a safe, industry-qualified and field-proven technique provided by qualified and experienced personnel’

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