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Re-Gen Robotics announces investment in advanced tank localisation mapping system

22 March 2021

Leading tank cleaning company Re-Gen Robotics will be adding a cutting-edge, tank localisation mapping system to its service offering later this year. The new addition follows the introduction of a range of ancillary tools last year that have proven to further reduce tank downtime during cleans.

Managing director Fintan Duffy advises that the system is in the final stages of development and by Q3 of this year, Re-Gen will deploy a state-of-the art, localisation mapping system, designed for precise and robust real-time inspection inside tank environments.

Its synchronised processing capabilities will allow the apparatus to localise itself in a detailed map of the tank, which it generates in order to detect the state of the tank’s interior. It will have the capability of mapping the entire tank structure precisely, to within millimetres, no matter how large or complex the interior of the tank is. Read more…


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