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Safe Influx granted patent for novel automated well control technology

19 January 2021

Safe Influx Ltd, a provider of automated well control solutions, has been granted a patent by the United Kingdom Patent Office covering its automated well control technology.

This patent recognises the ability of the automated well control to detect the presence of a fluid influx condition in a wellbore, make a decision against criteria to shut-in, and then automatically initiate an initial well control protocol that results in the well being safely shut-in.

This system enables fast identification, decision-making and reaction to well control events. It can help to reduce the size of an influx compared with conventional techniques, and this means a reduction in delays, costs and operational issues in getting back to drilling. Additionally, the confidence obtained with reliably smaller influxes can lead to much more efficient well designs, leading to an estimated 15-20% saving in well costs. Read more…


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