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Southern North Sea well positioned to support energy transition

14 May 2019

The Southern North Sea is well placed to support the energy transition and meet the UK’s dual challenge of increasing energy demands with a lower carbon footprint, the chief executive of OGUK will say at a key industry conference tomorrow.

Deirdre Michie, chief executive for the leading representative body for the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry will use the speech to launch the new Our Vision, Our Future campaign in the region.

The campaign aims to promote Vision 2035, industry’s ambition to meet as much of our country’s oil and gas needs from home produced resources, expand opportunities for the UK supply chain across the energy sector at home and abroad and, through the energy transition, support a lower carbon future.

Speaking at SNS2019, Deirdre Michie is expected to say:

“Our sector is key to supporting a diverse energy mix which helps us meet the UK’s dual challenge of satisfying ongoing energy demands with a lower carbon footprint.

“We can do this by the oil and gas sector working to reducing its operation emissions as well as supporting the advancement of low carbon and abatement technology.

“Again – SNS is so well placed to support this as here the energy transition is already happening with its gas production – gas to wire project – decommissioning and carbon capture and storage opportunities along with diverse energy sectors like wind where the SNS with its hundreds of wind turbines is leading the way along with wave, tidal and nuclear.

“Indeed –if we are going to deliver the Climate Change Committee net zero target by 2050 – all energies will be needed.

“But how do we ensure we work together in support of the energy transition and industry 4.0 – which must go hand in hand.

“It’s why we launched the Our Vision, Our Future campaign, in which we want to raise awareness and get people engaged and having discussions and getting excited about what the future could and should look like.

“We are asking everyone literally to join a conversation and be part of the journey and outcome by signing up on line and for companies to support us by holding roadshows to encourage discussion and contribution.

“And I’m delighted that EEEGR has given its full support too.

Simon Gray, EEEGR’s CEO, said:

“EEEGR is pleased that Deirdre Michie is one of our keynote speakers and we look forward to her insight into Vision 2035 and her views on how this will impact the Southern North Sea (SNS). SNS2019 will be hosting NorEX 2019 – the first exploration event in the region for over a decade.  As England’s energy basin, the SNS has over 50 years of gas production, is home to over 50% of the nation’s offshore wind capacity and has the potential for new build nuclear at Sizewell and Bradwell. This energy mix is key to the nation’s energy transition and we welcome Deirdre’s perceptive insights into the industry.”

Ms Michie added: “Later this year we’ll publish a roadmap which considers all the feedback we get and provides an overview of how we can successfully deliver the Vision.

“And so, I ask you all today to join the conversation because this isn’t a binary choice, it’s not about black oil or green renewables,

“It’s about ensuring a diverse energy mix which meets the needs of society and provides a managed transition for our energy hubs and communities, just like Norwich and Great Yarmouth and others, serving the Southern North Sea.”


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