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Strategic Growth Services Launches E-SGS Dashboard and Index

18 February 2022

Strategic Growth Services has introduced an E-SGS Dashboard and Index to enable organisations to benchmark and establish the completeness of their ESG strategy.

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerationshave risen up the agenda for many entities, overtaking even sustainability as a metric for institutional investors, the consultancy said.

The dashboard and index will also allow companies to measure their progress to excellence.

According to The Institute of Directors’ recent policy paper, these considerations “are increasingly important decision-making criteria for all types of organisations – not only as a means of winning the trust of stakeholders but also as barometers of effective business management.”

At Strategic Growth Services our ambitions are to drive improvements in the area of ESG performance to help our clients see continued growth; increased profits for their businesses; and improved investor confidence.

For more information on how the E-SGS Dashboard and Index could benefit your business, please visit

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