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Xodus Group to conduct US offshore wind supply chain research

12 March 2021

The Hampton Roads Alliance has partnered with Xodus Group and BW Research to conduct a major offshore wind supply chain study for the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. The project will be used to build out the US offshore wind industry in Hampton Roads and identify key opportunities for economic expansion.

The partnership will deliver an in-depth offshore wind supply chain assessment and gap analysis for the Hampton Roads metropolitan area and wider Southern Virginia. The study will be based upon the requirements of both offshore wind developers and tier one suppliers as well as gauge the capabilities of local companies to become key suppliers to the industry.

The offshore wind supply chain assessment entails scoring the supply chain requirements, identifying and assessing key sectors, and analysing the strengths and limitations of Hampton Roads. It will lead to a set of recommendations for a measurable, strategically focused offshore wind development plan based on available strengths and market forces, including roads for potential investment. Read more…


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