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Member News22nd Sep 2021

3t Energy Group delivers Ghana’s first ever CompEx training centre

A custom-built CompEx training facility has been shipped from the UK to Apave Ghana Inspection to develop highly-skilled, competent electricians for the country’s rapidly expanding oil and gas industry.

The facility, which is located in Takoradi at Apave Ghana Inspection’s Training Centre, is Ghana’s first ever CompEx training centre and will train and assess Ghanaians and all interested parties in the region in internationally recognised electrical skills for explosive atmospheres. This is a key competency required in oil and gas and is in high-demand from Ghana’s growing oil and gas industry. Previously, anyone requiring the qualification would need to have travelled outside of Ghana to one of only three CompEx centres across Africa, or to the UK.

Designed and fitted-out in the north of England by 3t Energy Group, the facility was fully audited and accredited by CompEx in the UK prior to being transported to Apave Ghana Inspection’s Training Centre. It comprises two 40 feet-long modified freight containers, with internal training spaces tailored to electrical training and assessments in hazardous environments. Read more…