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Add Energy wins first US contract for asset tracking software system

26 October 2021

International asset management consultancy, service and software provider Add Energy has secured its first US contract for its asset tracking software system, it said October 26.

A Houston-based chemical decontamination company has picked the Norway-headquartered company’s AssetVoice™ to track and manage critical equipment required for seamless and safe servicing of chemical plants and refineries.

Radio frequency identification technology and sensors enable AssetVoice™ to track and manage the asset’s entire journey to optimise availability, integrity and efficiency.  This agile solution’s cybersecurity credentials are assured thanks to expertise sourced from the UK’s University of Salford.

The vice-president of Add Energy in North America Susan Steyn said: “We are delighted to roll out our cutting-edge product in the US for the first time, and we look forward to helping unlock efficiencies across our client’s accounting, operations, maintenance and warehousing departments.”

Susan Steyn at a storage warehouse (image courtesy of Add Energy).

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