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Agilis – Sharing knowledge effectively

6 June 2017

Submitted by Lakshan Saldin

Problem statement

Multinational project needed to run workshop to review issues and  uncertainties with participants from multiple nationalities and across multiple specialisms, taking as little time as possible.



Develop a comprehensive, shared picture of project risk and uncertainty across a diverse group of participants and identify the critical factors affecting project within a very short timescale.


Developed a workshop combining elements of the Delphi technique for developing consensus in expert groups with  an agile estimating methodology to gather diverse views.

Participants worked through a list of keywords and “played” a numbered card for each one, low numbers indicated an insignificant issue and high numbers a significant issue. For issues flagged as significant by one or more participants, a simple consensus based process was used to agree and capture outcomes. Initial output was available the same day.


The multinational, multilingual project team was able to challenge assumptions, recognise cognitive bias (e.g. anchoring, groupthink) and develop a shared understanding of project issues in a low conflict environment.

Material uncertainties affecting project delivery were identified early on and incorporated into execution plan.

Improved understanding of issues/threats through introduction of new information & perspectives.

Short duration enable participation from normally difficult to get hold of individuals.

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