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Bender LIM reduces cost and risk of legacy system upgrades in oil and gas platforms

13 May 2021

Electrical faults due to insulation degradation are a primary cause of cable failure and system malfunction in harsh subsea environments and effective monitoring is essential. The ability to cost-effectively upgrade and replace monitoring technology is a key requirement in the maintenance programmes for oil and gas fields.

Globally, electrical safety group Bender has thousands of IRDH1065 line insulation monitors (LIM) installed in oil and gas fields on unearthed IT systems. That device is no longer available, but if a new unit is required Bender UK has introduced the ISOMETER® iso1065 as a direct, plug-and-play replacement.

Continuous monitoring of power cables and umbilical cables by the iso1065 LIM detects low insulation resistance levels to identify developing faults early, enabling pro-active preventive maintenance based on risk and asset condition assessment that avoids the severe financial losses resulting from failure or unplanned shutdown. Read more…

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