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Offshore Energies News05th Jun 2017

Bibby Offshore – logistics case study: unlocking subsea productivity

Submitted by Vikki Thom (Subsea Business Manager)

Problem statement

The current climate has resulted in short inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) scopes being deferred, delayed or cancelled as they are not viable to carry out on a stand-alone basis.


  • Share equipment and vessels over multi campaigns and operators to reduce non-productive time.
  • Demonstrate cost savings by increasing schedule efficiency.


  • Framework with key clients
  • Dedicated project delivery team
  • IRM campaign builder database
  • Schedule control to support turnaround (TAR) shutdown and opportunities in the vicinity
  • Managing and minimising risks across campaigns
  • Streamlining processes


  • Sustainable campaign management resulting in traditional project costs being significantly reduced.
  • Innovative working relationship with operators and supply chain.
  • Non-productive time managed.
  • Value chain opportunities and economies of scale realised.
  • Efficient framework for a cohesive approach to project delivery.