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Bilfinger generator partnership to help curb emissions in oil and gas decommissioning

2 September 2021

Operations, maintenance and asset integrity contractor Bilfinger Salamis has partnered with Netherlands-based Amphibious Energy to provide renewable energy generator units capable of saving 50 tonnes of CO2e per year for oil and gas operators.

Bilfinger Salamis has agreed exclusive rights in the UK and select European countries to install, commission, maintain, decommission and remove the Dutch offshore power specialist’s EnergyPod – a first of its kind autonomous, fully renewable generator that provides a green substitute to existing diesel models.

The transportable EnergyPod can be set up and ready to power in 90 minutes. It features a specialised offshore wind turbine and solar panels, with a battery storage unit ensuring autonomy for up to 240 hours on still and cloudy days. The generator can provide power in late life operations and lighthouse mode as oil and gas assets are prepared for decommissioning. Read more…

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