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Member News30th Nov 2022

Blue Ocean Seismic completes seismic data collection trials

Blue Ocean Seismic Services has completed a series of trials to test the quality of seismic data collection. The success puts it on track to start pre-commercial trials during the second half of next year, it said November 22.

The Anglo-Australian company is developing the world’s first fleet of autonomous low-impact subsea nodes for capturing high-quality seismic data from the ocean floor for multiple applications such as offshore wind, oil and carbon capture and storage. These subsea craft will make exploration cheaper, faster, safer and cleaner, it said.

The company has also undertaken substantial further testing in Plymouth, the North Sea and Australia. These are to confirm the effectiveness of command and control systems, underwater flight performance, seismic coupling and active seismic data acquisition.

And it has appointed Fabio Mancini as its chief geophysicist, following four years in the same role at the Australian explorer Woodside.