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Blue Ocean’s tests ‘prove robot technology works’

31 May 2023

Blue Ocean Seismic Services has just finished a successful test of its autonomous undersea robots, with a number of them in operation at the same time. In a May 30 statement, it said they can “reliably operate, accurately navigate and record quality seismic data in challenging real-world tidal conditions.”

The company believes this is a world first for the sector and proof of technology. As well as outperforming a remotely operated vehicle the robots also recorded an unexpected earth tremor which occurred during the trial.

The effective completion of this round of testing, in Loch Linnhe, is further proof of Blue Ocean Seismic Services’ revolutionary technology. It brings it nearer to the point where it can commercialise its autonomous subsea vehicles, it said.

The vehicles can also reduce the impact on the seabed and sea life compared with the conventional methods of collecting seismic data.

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