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Danish tech firm Explicit ApS wins accreditation for site-specific methane detection

21 April 2023

Pioneering Danish company Explicit ApS has received accreditation for its new drone-based technology that monitors fugitive methane emissions, it said April 21.

It now has ISO 17025 accreditation, the first of its kind in the world, which means the oil and gas industry may use its “sniffer” drones to verify methane emissions at site level in compliance with the UN flagship reporting and mitigation programme, OGMP 2.0.

CEO Jon Knudsen said this was a “breakthrough” in the level of accuracy and transparency offered. “We can enhance efforts to identify sources and optimise emission reduction initiatives. Being able to provide a solid quality framework around the monitoring adds additional value and contributes to better data integrity overall in climate reporting and projections,” he said. The drone is also sensitive to nitrous oxide and CO2.

Image courtesy Explicit ApS

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