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Offshore Decommissioning Conference 2021

“Innovation is at the heart of our conference, which aims to drive transformational change in every aspect of decommissioning as we focus on securing our industry’s role in the low carbon economy. We’ll provide the latest insight on decommissioning market intelligence enabling clients and suppliers to do business more effectively, examine low carbon decommissioning options and explore new technologies to grow our understanding of their impact on our industry.”

Joe Leask, OEUK’s decommissioning manager


Decommissioning Insight Report

Welcome to OGUK’s Decommissioning Insight 2021, marking the end of a year in which we saw some recovery after the challenges of the global pandemic and commodity price collapse in 2020. While some of those challenges remain, the UK decommissioning industry is looking to the future with purpose.

We’re establishing our key role in the transition to a low carbon energy mix, and executing safe, innovative, and environmentally sound decommissioning. All while continuing our journey to be safely more cost effective and to maximise the export potential of our goods and services.

Insight develops with OGUK’s Interactive Decommissioning Toolkit – access here.

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Decommissioning Resources

OGUK’s decommissioning unwrapped series aims to unravel the layers of complexity sometimes associated with decommissioning and look at its emerging role in the energy transition.
Consisting of five short films, they focus on different themes including: the decommissioning process; supply chain technology and innovation; well decommissioning expertise; the scope and scale of removals and disposal plus a focus on decommissioning costs and taxation.

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