Service Organisations Cyber Security Special Interest Group

Andrew Thom, Wood plc.

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About this group

The Service Organisations Cyber Security Forum (SOCS) is a special interest group open to all in the supply chain (except IT providers) operating weekly calls to share threat intelligence on cyber risks; and quarterly face-to-face sessions to progress shared cyber issues on a collaborative basis.


  1. Collaborate with information sharing and incident response in the event of a security incident within the sector by:
    – Proactively sharing threat intelligence
    – Establishing best practice in Cyber Security
    – Sharing information regarding latest security solutions and technologies
  2. Provide a leadership role within the O&G Service sector for cyber/information security
  3. Promote security skills development in the industry working with universities and colleges, etc., and providing placements for students.
  4. Identify opportunities to collaborate and support other supply chain organisations
  5. Act as SMEs for the industry to advise and enable on security initiatives
  6. Review new technology and consider joint industry projects to further secure the supply chain activities
  7. Set up and lead focussed workgroups to address specific member concerns


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