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Industry body asks nation to test its energy knowledge

20 November 2019

The leading representative body for the UK offshore oil and gas industry is challenging the nation to put its energy know-how to the test as part of a new educational campaign.

OGUK’s ‘Know Your Energy’ aims to increase awareness of where energy comes from, the emissions resulting from its use and how oil and gas powers the nation’s everyday lives as part of a diverse energy mix.

Central to the campaign is an informative website and interactive quiz, designed to give visitors to the site the opportunity to flex their know-how and see how energy savvy they really are.

Harry Thorne, lead business adviser OGUK and Know Your Energy project lead said:

“In the UK we are very lucky to have a secure, reliable and affordable supply of energy that helps power our every-day lives, however we don’t often stop and think about where that energy comes from and how it reaches us.

“In a changing world we all have a responsibility to reflect on how we can reduce our environmental impact. Roadmap 2035 is the UK oil and gas industry’s compelling blueprint to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in the UK and 2045 in Scotland. We hope our ‘Know Your Energy’ campaign will aide public understanding of the energy mix the nation relies on day to day and ultimately help us all become more thoughtful about our energy consumption.”

The campaign website and interactive quiz can be found at www.doyouknowyourenergy.com. More information on Roadmap 2035, industry’s response to government net zero commitments can be found by visiting https://www.energyvision2035.com/roadmap-2035.


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Campaign Materials:

  • Our ‘Know Your Energy’ video gallery can be accessed here.

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