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Industry grasps digital opportunities

29 October 2019

The increasing importance of digitalisation was put under the spotlight today at a breakfast briefing event, sponsored by Deloitte, held by the leading representative body for the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry, OGUK.

An audience of over 150 industry professionals heard about the benefits that could be realised in safety, efficiency and financial through the digital transformation of the North Sea sector.

Keynote speaker Marc O’Connor, Consulting Leader – Energy, Resources & Industrials, Deloitte, who said that digitalisation provided real opportunities for people to be released from routine type jobs, freeing them up to focus on value-added tasks that will provide the innovation solutions of the future.

Reflecting on the speech, expert panellists Alan Muirhead, Director of Projects & Engineering, Neptune Energy UK, Stephen Sheal, External Relationship Director, Oil & Gas Technology Centre and  Jared Owen, Director – Digital & Entrepreneurship, Opportunity North East, discussed how industry can ensure it has the skills and expertise needed to help deliver Roadmap 2035.

Speaking after the event, panel chair OGUK Stakeholder and Communications Director Gareth Wynn said:

“Digitalisation isn’t just the future, it’s the here and now. Today’s event showed that while this industry has a firm grasp on the opportunities digital transformation could bring, we must continue to collaborate and share good practice.

“From setting up an agile culture which removes barriers to decision making, to ensuring colleagues have fit-for-purpose skills and technologies, there are changes both big and small that this industry could make which could have a real impact on the safety, efficiency and competitiveness of our sector.

“This is an industry shaping up for the future and the delivery of Roadmap 2035 – our blueprint to a net zero future. It’s clear from today’s event that how we choose to embrace digitalisation could make or break our ability to be part of the low carbon economy we all want to see.”

Marc O’Connor, Consulting Leader – Energy, Resources & Industrials at Deloitte said: “Deloitte has extensive experience of digital transformation, and while the journey can be complex, we know that a successful outcome can be characterised very clearly and simply. When integrated and used effectively, digital has the potential to add value throughout a project’s lifecycle and those who invest with a data from day one approach can realise significant benefits.

“It was great to share our perspective on digital capital projects at this morning’s OGUK breakfast meeting. As well as covering real-world examples of how digital initiatives are being used on capital projects, I discussed a way forward for how businesses can navigate their own digital transformation journey and outlined the various opportunities that exist for operators and suppliers working in the UK’s oil and gas sector.”

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