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Industry welcomes Scottish Government decision to turn down Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance

11 November 2021

Today, the Scottish Government has stated it will not join the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance in their goal to end fossil fuel supply.

OGUK, the leading representative body for the UK offshore oil and gas industry, welcomed the decision as one that strengthened Scotland’s energy transition and will actually safeguard the acceleration of essential green technologies as well as Scottish jobs.

OGUK CEO Deirdre Michie said:

“The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry is changing – we are in a unique position and are helping aid the energy transition underway. 

“While we still need oil and gas, it is far better we meet our own demand with our own resources rather than importing it, which can be far worse for the environment.

“Putting an arbitrary end to supply and production would damage livelihoods across Scotland – the same communities whose skills will be vital in helping us achieve a low-carbon economy.”

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