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Italmatch Chemicals buys Aubin

28 June 2022

Process chemicals maker Italmatch Chemicals has acquired Scotland’s Aubin Group, another developer and supplier of innovative chemicals for the oil, gas and renewables industry.

The acquisition brings sustainable solutions that are consistent with Italmatch’s environmental, social and governance strategy, Italmatch said on June 27. “This is a testament to the group’s continued commitment to research and development projects dedicated to developing and delivering sustainable solutions for various sectors, including products for renewable energy market as well as decommissioning activities,” Italmatch said.

Aubin laboratory (Credit: Italmatch)

Located in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Aubin Group is a key developer and supplier of chemical solutions for the oil & gas industry. It also has offices in the Middle East and the US where Italmatch also wants to expand. Aubin “has a world-class well services business and many highly qualified professionals,” said Italmatch.

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