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J+S Subsea Pledges Support to Local Football Talents and Community Through Sponsorship

15 December 2023

J+S Subsea, a prominent name in the subsea equipment solutions sector, has recently announced its sponsorship of Neil Irvine from Ellon United and Luis Lopes (Duk) from Aberdeen Football Club. This sponsorship highlights the company’s robust commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, aligning its business operations with community-driven initiatives.

J+S Subsea’s strategic decision to support these local football talents underscores its belief in nurturing the sporting community. The company recognizes the essential values embedded in sports like football – teamwork, discipline, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Through this sponsorship, J+S Subsea aims to foster the growth and well-being of the community, contributing positively to local sports development.

The company’s relationship with Ellon United and Aberdeen Football Club extends beyond the playing field. This partnership is a testament to J+S Subsea’s broader commitment to social responsibility and community development, key aspects of its ESG objectives. By supporting local football, J+S Subsea is not only engaging with the community but also reinforcing its dedication to sustainable and responsible business practices.

This collaboration between J+S Subsea and the local football clubs is anticipated to yield fruitful outcomes, nurturing talent and reinforcing communal bonds. The company’s approach goes beyond mere sports sponsorship; it’s a gesture of reinforcing their core values and making meaningful contributions to the local community’s fabric.

Lucinda Craig, Business Development Director at J+S Subsea, expressed the company’s ethos: “At J+S Subsea, we believe in giving back to society and being actively involved in initiatives that strengthen the fabric of our communities. Our sponsorship of players from Ellon United and Aberdeen Football Club is a reflection of our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our core business activities.”

J+S Subsea’s initiative is a shining example of how businesses can integrate their operational goals with community welfare, creating a synergy that benefits both the corporate and local environments. This sponsorship is poised to enhance the community’s sporting spirit while demonstrating J+S Subsea’s enduring commitment to societal well-being and sustainable practices.

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