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Maersk Training partners with SynergyXR for better customer experience

30 August 2023

Danish companies Maersk Training (MT) and SynergyXR have set up a partnership so that the two companies can capitalise on their combined digital training expertise.

The partnership will make “learning even more immersive and accessible to learners on-demand anywhere,” said MT August 30. Learners can enjoy delving deep into realistic scenarios, such as understanding the intricacies of firefighting (see below, credit MT) or doing electrical fault finding, without ever being in harm’s way.

MT now promises a more interactive, deeper learning experience. And with SynergyXR’s diverse platform, it not only connects trainers and trainees but also bridges the industry gaps, offering unparalleled training experiences, it said.

SynergyXR said that partnering with MT went beyond technical integration: it redefined industry standards and also allowed MT a faster route to market.

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