Offshore Energies UK 2024 Industry Manifesto

Choose a homegrown energy transition

Contribute to an energy transition which leaves no individual, community, or sector behind.

A homegrown energy transition with the biggest potential to deliver economic growth. It will strengthen the UK energy supply chain, accelerate the production of domestically produced energy and mean no individual, community or sector is left behind in our journey to net zero.

From Shetland to Southampton and everywhere in between, we must protect the jobs and livelihoods of our skilled people and our communities. With a homegrown energy transition, we can deliver jobs and economic growth which benefit every part of the UK.

  • The workforce will be fundamental to achieving a successful and equitable transition.
  • Local benefits should be considered in instances of local generation and infrastructure – ensuring transparency in cost across regions of the UK.
  • In areas where the energy transition results in job losses, , communities and individuals must be supported to proactively manage this.
  • Implement at pace clear community benefit guidelines for individuals and communities affected by new or upgraded transmission lines.
  • As we develop a more localised energy system, we should ensure communities benefit through employment and economic opportunities.

OEUK Industry Manifesto

The UK offshore energy sector is essential for the economic and environmental prosperity of our country. Our brilliant, skilled people work tirelessly to produce the energy from off the coast of Britain that powers not just our homes, transport and industry, but the everyday products we need to live well.

We are proud to make a huge contribution. Oil and gas production alone added over £20 billion to the UK economy in 2022/2023. The offshore energy industry provides over 200,000 good, skilled jobs across the length and breadth of the UK. We provide secure and reliable energy to millions.

By choosing a homegrown energy transition, we can protect skills, secure investment and maximise sustainability.

The UK’s offshore energy sector has the potential to:

  1. Contribute to an energy transition which leaves no individual, community, or sector behind.
  2. Secure over 200,000 high value jobs in the UK whilst growing the skilled and diverse workforce of the future.
  3. Deliver £200 billion of private investment over the next decade, spurring economic growth and fostering UK technology and  innovation across the energy mix and meeting around half of the UK energy needs by 2030.
  4. Meet the UK’s net-zero commitment by 2050 or sooner, decarbonising offshore energy production to power homes and businesses across the breadth of the country.
OEUK 2024 Industry Manifesto cover

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