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New: Aker Solutions – Kaizen: PPE

16 November 2017

1. Problem Statement

Needless over-issue of PPE Kits (316 duplicated kits issued to technicians in 2016)

2. Aims

  • To reduce the spend on initial issue PPE whilst ensuring individuals still receive PPE needed for their work prior to deployment offshore.

3. Method

  • Kaizen event that included the PPE supplier
  • Map current process and draw out issues causing overspend on PPE
  • Analyse the root causes to all the issues and identify their solutions
  • Build a detailed to-be process
  • Carry out the actions needed to run the new way of working
  • Track the benefits

4. Impact

  • Over-issue of kits reduced
  • 93% in 2017
  • 100% in the last 6 months
  • Despite a spike in recruitment with the up-man for a major hook-up contract.
  • Quantity of returned kits reduced
  • Measures implemented at minimal cost that makes the suppliers work easier (i.e. less expensive).
  • Benefits tracked for a year after and spend per person is still below target
  • Regular meetings with supplier set-up to ensure standard kit continues to contain best for purpose PPE.
  • 43% Cost avoidance during a major hook-up contract up-man

% cost avoided


(Jun – Nov17)

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