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New: Peterson – Promoting collaboration through vessel sharing

14 November 2017

Problem Statement

Regardless of oil price, there is a need for service providers to add value to the operators and reduce supply chain costs of which marine are typically 20%.

Through vessel sharing, waste can be removed without any compromise to vessel integrity or service delivered offshore. This waste can often be 20 – 40% of vessel costs.


To create a sharing pool in Central North Sea, Central Northern North Sea and East Shetland Basin based on the learnings of the
existing pool in the Southern North Sea. A potential new pool is based on what operators want and need.

With an overarching principle of facilitating resource sharing rather than commercial gain to the logistics provider, our service provides transparent and cost- effective vessel schedules that benefit all members.


Create a single pool management function which is facilitated by Peterson for the benefit of all members. It is needed and meets the requirements of all operators regardless of size. Indemnities and planning all agreed together on the basis of members interests and principles.


Operators have taken a long hard look Internally and challenged many of the existing behaviours which previously fuelled dedicated chartered vessels, namely their ability to plan and forecast requirements.

By being transparent with this planning information and creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, Peterson is able, as the facilitator to service their needs and still deal with any unplanned operational challenges they face.

This is achieved with no negative impact to operational service, whilst achieving a positive impact on cost base.

Total CO2 saved

1 x vessel x 365 x 8m3


= MT CO2

Total savings 4 months

  • Greater flexibility
  • More options to be serviced
  • Less reliance on unutilised
    spot charters
  • Savings up to £1.5M per
    annum, per operator

Submitted by Chris Coull, Regional Director, Operations 

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