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OEUK Case Studies16th Nov 2017

New: Aker Solutions – Kaizen: Subsea Electronics Module Top Cover

1. Problem Statement

High rate of quality failures for Subsea Electronics Modules Top Covers coming from the manufacturer

Multiple inductions;

• Unnecessary training (hundreds of people going through up to 9 days each);

• Multiple journeys during recruitment process.

2. Aims

•To drastically improve the quality of Top Covers coming from the manufacturer

3. Method

  • Kaizen event that included the manufacturer.
  • Mapping  of the recruitment process & issues identified;
  • Root causes of 200 issues and solutions developed
  •  Root causes of all the Quality issues identified
  • Solutions to Quality root causes developed, tested and embedded
  •  Solutions to Process issues developed and embedded
  • Communications plan for rollout to all stakeholders
    (300 people).

4. Impact

  • All quality issues at point of acceptance for Aker Solutions eliminated
  • (a 99% improvement reported between Dec 2016 and June 2017 and 100% improvement reported between March and June 2017)
  • Rework removed, lead time reduced, and need for test fit at point of receipt eliminated
  • (2 people, 1 hr for 10 top covers per month)

Quality Improvement


Submitted by Darren Clyde, Senior Lean Coach, Aker Solutions