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New: Peterson – Breaking down the silos, multi-skilling and redesigning the way we work

17 September 2018

Problem Statement  

The pressure on the O&G Industry to reduce prices continues. There is a limit to how much cost can be driven out through a standardised approach. Through changing the way we think and changing the methods of working we found ways of reducing cost, working in partnership with the client, implementing new technologies all of which led to a competitive and sustainable advantage.


  • To change the mindset and move away from the silo mentality and create a multi-skilled workforce where individuals have the ability to work in any area of the business.
  • To redesign the daily operation surrounding Receipts and Dispatch, Returns and Repairs, Kitting and Staging.
  • Site refurbishment to improve staff welfare
  • To improve HSEQ performance and raise awareness


  • Effective communications through Town Halls, staff engagements and workshops to promote a different way of thinking which clearly evidenced the changes in the industry and the need for each individual to think differently.
  • Redeployment opportunities offered mitigating any need for redundancies
  • Deployed a skills matrix to understand people skillsets and where gaps existed.
  • Encouraged and promoted individuals to learn other areas of the business enabling resilience and flexibility to managing demand.
  • Eliminate multiple handling and waste through optimising the process. Focus on internal and external traffic management plan with a view to minimising traffic, plant movement and general improved layout.
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly focus on HSEQ with management participation


People have understood the need for change and to achieve sustainability and longevity we needed to think and act differently, a move away from old traditional silo ways of working. Individuals are now multi-skilled and have the ability to move from one department to another during peaks and troughs of activity.

The warehouse layout has been redesigned and the process of receipting and dispatching changed so that material is now only handled once before it is physically dispatched, stored, bagged and tagged. In addition, visible marking of floor areas, platform laydown areas, visual control mechanisms has been introduced helping counter potential human error.

HSEQ performance and awareness has improved.

Improved motivation and team spirit despite the significant changes.

Achiever of the PETERSON Operational Excellence award 2017

Total Savings Anticipated


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