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OEUK calls on the sector to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to visible and authentic safety leadership

20 March 2023

The leading trade body for the UK’s offshore energy sector is to reiterate industry’s commitment to net zero alongside its health, safety and environmental responsibilities in a keynote speech delivered by CEO Dave Whitehouse at the flagship HSE Conference tomorrow (Tuesday, March 21).

Speaking to an audience of operators, supply chain, regulators and academics in Aberdeen, Dave Whitehouse will reiterate the sector’s position on energy security, resilience and industry performance in a wider HSE context.

 OEUK CEO Dave Whitehouse is expected to say: 

“Our flagship HSE conference will take place against the backdrop of a cost of living crisis for people up and down the country, the potential for strike action on our North Sea assets, taxes that are undermining investment, energy security pressures, and an ongoing major conflict in Ukraine that has no end in sight.

“The North Sea has supported the nation for 50 years with a steady flow of homegrown energy to keep lights on, vehicles moving and the whole economy working, while also supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs.

“We are an industry in transition. Emissions from the production of oil and gas were down 20% compared to 2018. We continue to drive world leading safety performance.

“Our conference theme is centred on leading and learning. Our sector will continue to demonstrate a commitment to visible and authentic safety leadership, and will continue to share and act on lessons learned.

“People and their skills are at the heart of our evolving industry. The oil and gas sector has the knowledge to ensure that the energy transition in wind, in hydrogen, and in carbon storage is both successful and safe. We will leverage that leadership and learning for our energy future.

“This year will mark 35 years since Piper Alpha. All of those involved in the sector are committed to ensuring that we have learnt the lessons from the 6th of July 1988. We are committed that we all show the strong leadership required to ensure that there is no repeat.”

The full conference agenda is available here.

Dave Whitehouse, CEO, Offshore Energies UK (OEUK)

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