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OEUK response to Channel 4 renewables broadcast

24 August 2022

Following Channel 4’s broadcast last night on North Sea oil and gas operators’ investment in renewables against their profits recorded in the first half of this year, Will Webster, OEUK’s Energy Policy Manager, commented:

“As a society we need both oil and gas, and investment in renewables in the short and medium term, and simplistic arguments like this are why we are where we are. We now need a long-term energy strategy which recognises that 85% of homes today are heated by gas and that we need to carefully manage this transition.

“The global energy crisis has heightened the need to protect the UK’s energy security. Oil and gas companies in the UK today meet around half of the country’s gas needs, with 85% of homes dependent on it for heating, and equivalent to 80% of oil, and they are already seeing the benefits as they actively make the switch to cleaner energy. 

“It’s why the UK Government must continue to prioritise reliable, home-produced energy with all the benefits that brings for taxes and jobs and avoid rapidly increasing our dependence on imported energy, which would be more damaging to the environment and threaten our energy security.”

You can watch the Channel 4 piece here

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