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Offshore worker numbers return to pre-pandemic levels

15 June 2021

The leading representative body for the UK oil and gas industry, OGUK, has today announced that the number of personnel working offshore sector has returned to levels not seen since the beginning of the national lockdown in March 2020.

Figures released by OGUK showed that the average daily numbers of workers offshore for the week ending 13 June 2021 was 11,238, an increase on March 10 2020 where there were 11,183 personnel on board installations and 4,037 more than the height of the first lockdown in April 2020. 

A return to these levels of offshore workers brings stability and reassurance to an industry that has continued to safeguard the UK’s energy needs during the pandemic.

OGUK Health, Safety and Environment Director Trevor Stapleton said:

“It has been an incredibly difficult 18 months for our sector and we’re encouraged to see the number of workers returning to their critical offshore work, continue to rise to pre-pandemic levels.

“Following on from the recent KMPG report highlighting our sector’s role in supporting the Scottish economy, the OGA’s Survey data which showed a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions in the North Sea, and with our own findings today, our sector is showing the vital role it can play in supporting a lower carbon economy and supporting jobs.

“While we welcome this milestone, the safety of our workforce offshore remains our top priority. We encourage those returning to work offshore to maintain those barriers which have been put in place, to protect the safety of themselves and their colleagues. As well as this, we also encourage all members of the workforce to take the vaccine, when offered.

“We are set to announce our Workforce Covid Safety information campaign in the coming days – a collaborative project with Step Change in Safety to help reduce the transmission of Covid and other infectious diseases offshore.”


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