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OGUK launches new SME forum to support smaller businesses under pressure

4 August 2020

A new forum dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses navigate the downturn has been launched by OGUK as it continues to help the sector stimulate a recovery.

The leading representative body’s Continuous Improvement team is launching a new SME forum this month amid concern that a growing number of smaller companies may not survive the current economic pressures and the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of industry’s Efficiency Task Force, which aims to promote a positive and progressive business culture, the SME forum will give participants access to OGUK’s existing business support guidance and initiatives, as well as an opportunity to shape the agenda.

The forum will provide an opportunity to identify and address issues in the SME community, and offer the chance for participants to collectively develop solutions which work for them and support individual needs.

Emily Taylor, OGUK’s continuous improvement manager, said:

“With the oil and gas industry entering yet another downturn so soon after the last, and as we work towards the energy transition, we’re particularly worried about the impact this will have on our small businesses.  The SME forum will bring the community together to create a shared voice and identify business opportunities across the sector.

“The new forum will deliver a platform to share and engage, as well as showcase the work OGUK is doing to support smaller businesses and stimulate a recovery. This will give our members the chance to keep their finger on the pulse and offer solutions to challenges industry is facing.”

Items on the agenda for the first forum on August 18 include an update on Brexit and its impact on the industry, plus input from OGUK’s external affairs team on political developments and their impact on the oil and gas supply chain.

The new forum will be chaired by Catriona Stevenson, business manager at Ecosse IP Ltd, who commented:

“Working for a small business and having founded an oil and gas networking group during the last downturn has made me very aware of the struggles that these companies face, and now more than ever I feel they need our support. 

“As we move into the energy transition and with Brexit upon us, I feel that the SME community need to come together with one voice to be heard and be better supported across the sector.”

To join the forum, which takes place on August 18, please contact Emily Taylor, OGUK’s continuous improvement manager, at [email protected]

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